Gold & Pioneer Event 2014

Gold & Pioneer Event 2014

Swatch ClubGold & Pioneer Event 2014

Our Swatch Gold & Pioneer Event 2014 took place in Stresa, Italy and Ticino, Switzerland. We had many members joining us to experience an exciting event full of surprises and new adventures!

Stresa & Ticino, ItalienSchweiz

Stresa IT

Stresa, a little town on the river of the Lake Maggiore in Italy, and the region of Ticino in Switzerland were the main locations of the G&P Event 2014. Luxury villas and opulent Art Nouveau hotels line the stunning lakeside of Stresa. The elegant and attractive waterfront offers unforgettable views of the three Borromean Islands.

Swatch Club chose the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées with its style and traditions to host its Gold and Pioneer Members during this unique event dedicated to Water.

Welcome to the Swatch loves Water event

The welcoming is always one of the most joyful parts of all the Swatch Club Events.

Members join from all over the world to meet old friends, to make new friends, to share their passion for the Swatch brand and live a new unique Swatch Club experience. Stresa was not different. In the beautiful setting of the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées, we greeted each other and welcomed a new Swatch adventure.

Let’s break the ice

There is no better way to break the ice than some games. After the welcome Apero, we enjoyed two hours of fun. Divided in teams, we were asked to prove our abilities playing with colorful pencils, aluminum cans, chocolate cookies, paper and wooden blocks. Laughs and smiles filled the beautiful “Camelia” room. These moments spent together generated new memories to cheer us up when going back home.

Fun and victory

Such a funny afternoon could only finish with a great prize for the best performers. The winning team, formed of 13 members coming from Austria, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United States, was awarded with the Sochi Volunteer Swatch watch. A well-earned prize after a great game!

Some strange fishermen on the shore…

Walking on the shore we arrived to the dock to find some peculiar fishermen. They were fishing watches… they must have been collectors looking for a special Swatch piece. Let’s not disturb them, a dinner is waiting for us in the middle of the lake.

From the mainland to the Island

Leaving the fishermen in Stresa, we headed by boat to the Isola dei Pescatori, famous for its charming simplicity and considered as one of the most picturesque spots on Lake Maggiore. Enjoying the good food and the great company, the dinner flied away and the first day was over in a splash of water.

Day II – Our Swatch boat

Swatch loves Water. In the morning after a tasty breakfast we reached the dock and boarded our special Swatch boat to visit the Lake Maggiore. Heading to Isola Bella, the weather was still threatening, but at Swatch Club Event the bad weather never lasts long.

Sun is back!

We had time for a short tour of the Palace. When we arrived in the gardens, the sun was shining and a wonderful display of roses was waiting for us. It was a real treat when the peacock decided to show us his long and white tail feathers dance.  

Swatch Collectors watches

When we got back on the boat, the lunch was waiting for us. We sailed through the lake and passed charming towns and the Swiss border. We had fun taking pictures as traditional Swiss couples. When we arrived in Brissago, we were ready for a new adventure: the Dannemann Center. The Dannemann Center welcomed us with many different activities and a joyful atmosphere. The Kiosk, where all the Gold and Pioneer members can have access and buy very limited watches not easy to purchase on the market, took place in a beautiful building with a direct view on the lake.

Waiting to enter

To enter the Kiosk you need to queue most of the time. Let’s have a look inside to see which one is the watch that I need to hunt! Is it the Casado, the Olimpic special or a Club event watch?

From Brasil with love

With the World Cup coming up, it was time to dive deep into the Brasilian Culture. From preparing a Caipirina to dancing Capoeira, different workshops animated the afternoon and gave us a twist of Brasilian “entusiasmo”.

Some of us worked hard on learning how to prepare a perfect Caipirina while others were there to evalutate them and see if they were good enough. It was soon time for the Apero in the Garden.

Apero in the Garden with the new Scuba libre

Jelly fishes were surrounding us, but we kept smiling. In the garden, together with the buffet and some refreshment drinks, there was a panel with the new Scuba libre advertisement campaign. We dove into the Swatch loves Water theme!

More Brasil at dinner

By dinner time, we had realized that the Dannemann Center was huge. Dinner was also planned there. Dimitry comedians entertained us and we also assisted to a live Capoeira show. ENTUSIASMO, the World championship special watch, with the Swiss, Italian and Brasilian flags closed this busy day.

Day III – Back to Switzerland

At Swatch Events, Art can’t miss out! Saturday started with the visit of the Sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso, situated above Locarno. Inside its Church, you can find two masterpieces the "Flight into Egypt" by Bramantino and the "Transport of Christ to the Sepulcher" by Antonio Ciseri. Thanks to its position, the Sactuary offers a breathtaking view of Locarno and the Lake Maggiore.

Lunch at the lido

After the art, it was time for a picnic at the Ascona lido. The sun was shining. It was a pleasure to relax in the shade of the trees. We then headed for a walk in Ascona while waiting for a great night; the Gala dinner!

Dream or reality?

The Gala dinner took place in Stresa, at Villa Muggia. The Villa, once part of the Siemens possessions, is now also opened to private parties. In the park fountain, at the foot of the villa, there were two mermaids playing with the water. Was it a dream?

Apero with the mermaids

With the jazz band music in the background and the mermaids playing in the water, we enjoyed the company and the beautiful Lake Maggiore at sunset. The Dimitry comedians were there again to make us laugh before the dinner started.

The Gold and Pioneer event watch

During the dinner, the Gold and Pioneer event watch was presented. The Event special watch 2014 was a Scuba Libre orange fluo released in 200 numbered pieces. Both the package and the strap talked about our adventure in Stresa and Ticino.

All the events get to an end

After dinner, a fall/winter collection preview was held inside Villa Muggia before the party started. It was a night to remember but all good things have an end and it was time to say goodbye. See you all at next Swatch Club International Event!