Gold Member Contest 2016

Gold Member Contest

Be our next Gold member star!

Win a Gold Membership: a unique brand experience, exclusive events, and access to one of the most inspiring and challenging communities ever.

Are you ready to get creative? The Gold Member Contest will give you a chance to live your creativity fully.

Would you like to be one of our Gold stars this year? Then create your own "I am a Club star" picture and message and start the new membership year in the best possible way — by winning a Gold Membership!

Taking part in the Contest – it’s really simple.

All you have to do is: be a member of Swatch Club, think about your favorite Swatch watches of all time, wear them, photograph yourself as our Gold Star and tell us why you should be our 2016/2017 Gold member star! Don't miss this unique chance! Show us why you are the most brilliant Club star in the community and amaze Club members all around the world with your picture.

If you are a Pioneer member, have fun and show aspiring Gold Stars why you are already illuminating our sky!

Here are a few tips on how to maximize your creativity

- Get inspired
- Think outside the box
- Trust in your creativity
- Try to be authentic
- Stay patient until you achieve the perfect result
- Light up the Swatch Club sky

When you share your entry, please consider the following

- You must upload at least one picture
- Your picture needs to include at least one Swatch watch
- You need to appear together with the chosen watch/es in at least one of the pictures
- A picture without a motivational message will not make you a Gold star!

Join us!

Gold Member status gives you unrestricted access to the Swatch Club Community. You’ll be invited to the Gold & Pioneer 2016 Event, where you’ll receive the full VIP treatment reserved for our most valuable members.

Interested? For a chance to win the Gold Membership, show and tell us why you should be the next Gold star – now!

Please read the Terms & Conditions before submitting your entry.