Swatch Club X-Mas Event 2013

Swatch Club Event - Christmas Event 2013

Swatch ClubXmas event 2013

Our traditional Swatch Club X-Mas Event 2013 took place in the beautiful and historical capital of Austria - Vienna.

Vienna, Austria

Swatch Your X-Mas - the VIDEO

Would you like to see more about Swatch Your X-Mas – the Swatch Club X-Mas Event 2013? Look at the event video and enjoy a unique Swatch experience in the capital of Austria, Vienna.



Friday, 29.11, 09:45 - Vienna city rally

Here we are! Warmed up despite the weather and happy to be here together! But, what's happening over there? Hurry up! The city rally started already!

Friday, 29.11, 13:00 - Artistic lunch

Swatch, friends, art or food, art, food, friends or Swatch... what a dilemma! Today we can enjoy our four passions together: take a seat! We are enjoying our lunch, looking at art, with Swatch and our international Swatch friends! Guten Appetit!

Friday, 29.11, 19:00 - Royal Night

Wow! Are we dreaming or are we heading to a Palace? No, it is not a Palace, it is Schönbrunn! Where else could a Fiaker take us? A royal dinner is waiting inside, will we fit into a gala dress later tonight?

Friday, 29.11, 22:30 - Santa Claus arrived

Santa Claus brought us a surprise! And he's heard our wishes! Would you go for the White Gondolas or the Sachertorte? As we have all been so good, we get both :)

Saturday, 30.11, 19:30 - Opera al dente

We can still not believe our ears! We were dining, when the Opera singers appeared among the tables! 

"Why so silent, good monsieurs? Did you think that I had left you for good? Have you missed me, good monsieurs? I have written you an opera! Here I bring the finished score - Don Juan Triumphant! Fondest greetings to you all"(G. L.)

Thursday, 28.11, 15:00 - Hotel or circus?

Clown, lion tamer or fire-eater? We can be our favorite circus character for the next three days!Welcome to the 25H Circus hotel, where your Swatch X-Mas dream can become true!

Thursday, 28.11, 16:30 - SWATCH YOUR X-MAS

Friends' smiles, Swatch-lovers' hugs and a breathtaking view of Vienna, do we need more to cheer up? GASP! Fasten your seat belt, a new Swatch Club adventure is about to staaaaaaaart!