Summer Splash


Swatch ClubSummer Splash 2014

Summer Splash is a college graduation event being held in Icetkum, Turkey. All students come from Austria and fly over for a week of joyful holidays. The event lasts three weeks with 4500 students flying in every week for a total of 13’500 participants.

Icetkum, Turkey

Pegasos Resorts

The Swatch Club Island Galore was located in the middle of the Pegasos Resorts – here's a picture of the pop up store.

Scooter Race

Afternoons can be so annoying… well not at the Summersplash. While some were having a nap on the beach some others were participating to our underwater scooter race! That was really fun.


One of the winning teams during the Summersplash 2014.

Holi Festival of Colours

The Swatch Holi festival of Colors was the main attraction at the Summer Splash 2014. With over 2500 participants this event was held once a week at the beach. This amazing event was only available for Starters & Premium Swatch Club members.

Swatch Club Island Galore

Who said that afternoon were boring? Definitely not at Summer Splash! Thanks to the local animators the pool was an amazing fun place to be. Can you recognize yourself in the crowd?


What an amazing party! Swatch Club members in action at the Holi Festival of coulours. Such an incredible event was only brought by your favourite watch brand.

The mates

The Festival could not happen without the engagement of the volunteers – called “Mates”. More than 150 people were coaching the 4500 guests. Those angels are all Swatch Club members now!

Thank you for your collaboration guys!

Swatch Austria

Our Austrian crew worked over 20 hours a day to make the impossible possible. They also had a few “relaxed” moments – here's one of them.

VIP Pool Party

Swatch Club brought the most innovative sounds to Summer Splash 2014: here the international DJ Star Robin Schulz and two beautiful Summersplash guests.

The mainstage

How many amazing parties did you have here? Studying non stop for three years was really worth it! See you all in 2015!