Freeride World Tour in Chamonix

Freeride World Tour in Chamonix

On January 24th and 25th, during the Freeride World Tour in Chamonix, the Swatch Club organized an incredible weekend plenty of activites for 20 members.

Chamonix, France

Incredible Panorama

The weather was absolutely stunning. Mountains were emerging from a sea of fog.

Privileged View

We took place in front of the competition site. From there we enjoyed a privileged view to see the show of the athletes!


After the competition we went down to the station to experience a very special activity, dog sled with huskies! We totally felt in love with these beautiful dogs!

Lunch in a Yurt

On sunday, we weared snowshoes to explore the landscape of Chamonix. After the walk we stopped to a yurt and we all ate a delicious lunch in this lovely tent. Weather was freezy so we were happy to get warm inside!


After the lunch, everyone came back to Chamonix to enjoy the sunny afternoon in this beautiful station. We saw a very impressive show from acrobats who were walking on a slackline at more than 20 meters high!