Gold and Pioneer Event Gruyère


In June, Swatch Club’s Gold and Pioneer members were invited to experience true Swissness in Swatch’s own backyard. Club members from 19 countries were warmly welcomed by a “Barbu de la Gruyère”, and they enjoyed an exciting and memorable weekend uncovering the secrets of La Gruyère and jazzing it up in Montreux. Not only did our guests get a front-row seat to some of Switzerland’s most breathtaking mountain and lake views, but they also got to shop from a mouth-watering selection of watches in the Swatch kiosk, visit a castle and tour Chaplin’s World. To wrap the event in true Swiss fashion, the Club members enjoyed all the cheese and chocolate they could handle!

Gruyère, Switzerland

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Swatch Club organizes many local and international events throughout the year. Active Club members can participate in most of the events for free. For international events, including hotel accommodation and programs lasting several days, participants must pay a small fee. Believe our Club members, it’s worth it!

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Watch these three videos featuring our beloved Barbu de la Gruyère, the mascot of this year’s event.

You can find them here:ère18_1 ;ère18_2 ;ère18_3