Second Club watch pre-launch in Geneva

Second Club watch pre-launch in Geneva

Swatch ClubSecond Club watch pre-launch in Geneva

On September 9th the Swatch Club presented his second Club watch in Geneva. The SWA-RKSHOP is a patchwork of watch parts and an explosion of colors.

Geneva, Suiza

Are you on time?

Every member had the opportunity to be photographed in front of this special wall.

Art can be fun

Of course, arts can be fun and so can a Swatch: arty, colorful, original and fun!

Artist on work

Before having the final result, a tape artist created a new adaptation of this picture.

Anything to discover?

Between a conversation and a refreshing drink, people had time to look for a new Swatch.

Time seems frozen

Not only drinks were refreshing, these watches were outright freezing!