Ed Banger Records Tour

Ed Banger Records 13th Anniversary Tour with the Swatch Club

Ed Banger Records 13th Anniversary Tour with the Swatch Club

I was 13 years old in 1988. I used to listen to “Ragtime” by Run DMC, ad infinitum. My parents gave me my first ever Swatch for my birthday. I remember it as if it was only yesterday. It was the “Coral Gables”, the ultimate pop watch. With stripes that would make Buren blush, an improbable nu-wave Bauhaus look, in short the ideal accessory to make my wrist the funkiest part of my body! In 2016, we celebrate 13 years of the Parisian label Ed Banger records. Since 2003, we have been making the world dance to the sounds of Justice, Dj Mehdi, Breakbot, and Mr Oizo. The label has earned its stripes due to its distinctive sound, unique color and powerful artistic direction. Its success and international recognition have made the French label one of the most prominent of its generation. To celebrate our 13 years we have teamed up with Swatch to brighten up our wrists. A perfect lunar alignment, and a common desire to work together, have given rise to ED BANGER TIME. A Swatch New Gent in the Ed Banger Records colors! It has been designed by the talented Leslie David, who has remixed the historic logo created by the artist So Me. The ED BANGER TIME colors pay tribute to those of the “Coral Gables”. The “black on black” dial has a night-time feel, one of our favorite themes. The pattern created by Leslie David is inspired by TV shows from our youth. All these touches go to make the ED BANGER TIME timeless. Pedro Winter



Hamburg (DE) 13.05.2016

New York City (US) 29.09.2016

Fribourg (CH) 15.10.2016