Behind the scenes of SKIN Irony

Skin Irony slide club

In early May, 25 lucky Swatch Club members became the first people to see the new SKIN Irony models. Not only were they part of the grand unveiling, but they also had the chance to see how the watches in this collection are produced at the ETA factory in Sion, Switzerland. It all began on May 2nd when the Gold and Pioneer members arrived in Sion and visit a vineyard where they could discover many delicious wines from le Valais. The following day, they received a behind-the-scenes tour of ETA. Club members experienced the whole Swatch VIP package while bonding with fellow aficionados from all corners of the world – and of course went home with some gifts! Do you want to be part of the next product launch? Join Swatch Club and get notified about the next events!

Sion, Suiza

Package & pricing

Swatch Club organizes many local and international events throughout the year. Active Club members can participate in most of the events for free. For international events, including hotel accommodation and programs lasting several days, participants must pay a small fee. Believe our Club members, it’s worth it!

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