Gold & Pioneer Event Bern 2019

Stage G&P Event 2019

As in previous years, the annual Gold & Pioneer event took place in Swatch’s beautiful home country. But we wanted to present Switzerland from a different perspective. We took all 104 of our guests – representing 16 countries – off the beaten hiking trail and showed them places they had never seen before, including the new eye-catching Swatch HQ building. Sightseeing, museums, walking tours. Switzerland has a rich history... blah blah blah. We took matters into our own hands threw “traditional” out the window to show our Gold & Pioneer Club Members our beloved Confoederatio Helvetica and Bern in a new light. Guests arrived in Switzerland on Friday, May 31 and they received a tour of the new Swatch building and got a sneak-peek of Planet Swatch. Spring had sprung but things got pretty cool at the “Winter Wonderland” dinner. Our guests started day two with a tasty brunch, a stunning view and some shopping at the beautifully decorated Swatch kiosk. The day ended with a “Summer Starts Around the World” dinner party. The grand finale took place on Sunday – we couldn’t skip Swiss tradition completely, so we took guests to iconic Emmental for a day of full fall games on the farm. It was a Gold & Pioneer Event for the books! The Gold & Pioneer Event took place from May 31 through June 2 and included 2.5 days of an unforgettable Swatch experience, two dinners, two lunches and special activities. Experiencing a little #FOMO (fear of missing out)? Join Swatch Club and get your invite to the next event!

Bern, Suiza

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Package & pricing

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