Swatch Club X-Mas Event 2013

Swatch Club Event - Christmas Event 2013

Swatch ClubXmas event 2013

Our traditional Swatch Club X-Mas Event 2013 took place in the beautiful and historical capital of Austria - Vienna.

Vienna, オーストリア

Swatch Your X-Mas - the VIDEO

Would you like to see more about Swatch Your X-Mas – the Swatch Club X-Mas Event 2013? Look at the event video and enjoy a unique Swatch experience in the capital of Austria, Vienna.



Friday, 29.11, 13:00 - Artistic lunch

Swatch, friends, art or food, art, food, friends or Swatch... what a dilemma! Today we can enjoy our four passions together: take a seat! We are enjoying our lunch, looking at art, with Swatch and our international Swatch friends! Guten Appetit!

Friday, 29.11, 19:00 - Royal Night

Wow! Are we dreaming or are we heading to a Palace? No, it is not a Palace, it is Schönbrunn! Where else could a Fiaker take us? A royal dinner is waiting inside, will we fit into a gala dress later tonight?

Saturday, 30.11, 19:30 - Opera al dente

We can still not believe our ears! We were dining, when the Opera singers appeared among the tables! 

"Why so silent, good monsieurs? Did you think that I had left you for good? Have you missed me, good monsieurs? I have written you an opera! Here I bring the finished score - Don Juan Triumphant! Fondest greetings to you all"(G. L.)

Thursday, 28.11, 15:00 - Hotel or circus?

Clown, lion tamer or fire-eater? We can be our favorite circus character for the next three days!Welcome to the 25H Circus hotel, where your Swatch X-Mas dream can become true!

Thursday, 28.11, 16:30 - SWATCH YOUR X-MAS

Friends' smiles, Swatch-lovers' hugs and a breathtaking view of Vienna, do we need more to cheer up? GASP! Fasten your seat belt, a new Swatch Club adventure is about to staaaaaaaart!