Swatch Club Holiday Event Athens 2018

Swatch Club Holiday Event Athens 2018

In December 2018, Swatch Club brought together more than 100 guests from 16 different countries for an epic Holiday Event in Athens, Greece. The Swatch Club family kicked off the holiday season in true Swatch style with a tailor-made program of activities that included a scavenger hunt through the city where guests met locals and learned about Greek culture and the Swatch Olympic Games, held In the Panathenaic Stadium. The guests were also invited to participate in a cooking challenge – after purchasing ingredients at the Agora, they prepare their meals and defend their creations in front of a jury. There were plenty of surprises and exclusive watches along the way as well. Our beloved guests received the Swatch X You event watch LUCKY MUSHROOMS UNIVERSE (SUOZ292S) from Santa Claus and his elves. They were also invited to the European avant-première of the Swatch Glam collection and were the first to discover the Athens destination Swatch watch IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME (GW408C). Open to Premium, Gold and Pioneer members, the Holiday Event 2018 in Athens took place November 30 – December 2 and included 2.5 days of an unforgettable Swatch experience, two dinners, two lunches and unique tours of the city. Experiencing a little #FOMO (fear of missing out)? Join Swatch Club and get your invite to the next event!

Athens, ギリシャ

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Swatch Club organizes many local and international events throughout the year. Active Club members can participate in most of the events for free. For international events, including hotel accommodation and programs lasting several days, participants must pay a small fee. Believe our Club members, it’s worth it!

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