Swatch SISTEM51 Launch Event

SISTEM51 Launch Event

Swatch ClubSISTEM51 Launch Event

Thirty years ago, Swatch turned the watch world upside down. From that moment, day after day, all Swatch-lovers have inspired product innovation, beauty, exclusivity and simplicity. With our Gold and Pioneer members, we want to celebrate the new Swiss masterpiece.

Cité du Temps, Geneva, Zwitserland

SISTEM51 Launch Event - the VIDEO

Would you like to see how we celebrated with our Gold and Pioneer members the launch of Swatch SISTEM51? Have a look at the event video and enjoy the celebration of product innovation, exclusivity and simplicity together with Swatch.



SISTEM51 Club Launch

Geneva, 15th of December 2013. 09:15h The temperature is below zero. The first international and Swiss Club members are already waiting in front of the Cité du Temps - more members will follow soon.







The member's challenge

The Club International members in action during the quiz...a very challenging task.





The technical side of SISTEM51

Reto Stöckli, Swatch AG & Jean-Claude Eggen, ETA Granges, explaining all technical details of the SISTEM51 live at "Cité du Temps" and interacting with the audience. The SISTEM51 is surely a technical masterpiece.





Swatch generations

The new generation meets the old generation live at the Sistem51 launch. The older man bought a black one, the baby chose the white one.



Best Friends.

These ladies are far away from each other but they meet regulary at Swatch Club Events. The launch of the Sistem51 in Geneva was a perfect occastion to exchange information about their collections.



Star of the day

What a rush to get the exclusive special numbered packaging of the launch of SISTEM51 with all four watches in all four colours - this packaging was only available in Geneva.




SISTEM51 certificate

The SISTEM51 certificate signed personally by N. Hayek himself. This personalized document was a great surprise for all of the members attending the event.






One of our member having the last look at one of the SISTEM51 watches before closing. The Sistem51 Event launch was a success. We will meet you soon at one of our next events...