White Loop Zurich

White Loop Pre-Launch in Zurich

Swatch ClubWhite Loop Pre-Launch in Zurich

On March 18th the presentation of the new 2014 Swatch Club watch was held in Zurich. A New Gent called WHITE LOOP: a tribute to the history of Swatch!

Zurich, Zwitserland

Swatch Lab

The Lab is hosting the launch of the White Loop for Swatch Club in Switzerland, Zürich.

White Loop

Carlo Giordanetti, Creative Director of Swatch, is presenting the White Loop watch to our members.

Limited Edition

The guests are carefully inspecting every single page of the booklet in the packaging.

Proudly owners

Our members are proud to be the first to have the White Loop!

Club scarf

The sales team is showing the special scarf that the Club created for the launch.