Gold & Pioneer Event 2015

Swatch ClubGold & Pioneer Event 2015

The Gold & Pioneer event took place this year from May 14th to May 17th in Germany. The 2015 event was the 20th dedicated to our Swatch Club VIP community. After 10 years of travelling all around the world, the Gold & Pioneer members met again in Berlin. It was a unique anniversary with 3 days of exciting adventures, fun, culture and new experiences. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the “joie de vivre” of Swatch with us and with other Swatch Club friends!

Berlin, Duitsland
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Street art dinner

After a free afternoon, we all met for a special barbecue night on the terrace of the hotel. It was a nice surprise to discover that two artists had been invited to perform live and create three unique Maxi Swatch watches during the evening.

Time flew while enjoying the food and each other’s company. As the artists finished their work, Swatch Creative director Carlo Giordanetti told us more about them, with a special focus on Matthias Heyde. This young German artist turned his passion – DESIGN – into his art. Matthias began a collaborative project with Swatch in 2015, designing a watch for the Fall - Winter collection. Colors and happiness are the main subjects of his art, and his signature watch will bring them to your wrist, too,  during the Fall - Winter season.

Design gave way to music, in this night full of surprises, when as a present for the happy Swatch Club time and memories, the members sang a song to the Swatch team. The song, written and rehearsed in secret, was a fantastic and unexpected gift. Thank you again to all of you guys who contributed to making our event so special!